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birth control failure

birth control failure


A - Means of barrier (contraceptives - temporary)

They are tools that prevent the meeting of sperm and egg through a real barrier between the two action genitalia, male and female.

A.1 - Condom / male condom

It 's a thin sheath of latex that is placed over the erect penis before any genital contact and should be removed before the penis loses erection. Does not allow the male sperm comes into contact with the female genital apparatus.
It has no physical side effects (very rare allergies). Sometimes it is not permissible, because it must be made by stopping the sexual act. Usually associated with spermicidal substances. The side effects reported relate only to latex allergy or substance used to color or scent condoms.
The failure is linked to the possibility of breakage or slippage during removal from the vagina.
Explains how to limit the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

A.2 - Female Condom

It 's a very thin membrane of latex is applied to the external genitalia and the vagina is of such a sheath.
Usually associated with spermicidal substances.
Failure is bound to break or slip.
Side effects are similar to the male condom.
Is shown as a restriction on sexually transmitted diseases.

A.3 - Aperture

E 'latex cap with a border of flexible metal that must be inserted deeply into the vagina and attached to the cervix at least 30 minutes before each sexual intercourse and removed after at least six hours from the report itself. Its purpose is to block the entry of sperm into the cervix. The proper size is indicated after a gynecological examination. It is not disposable but should be washed, checked and stored for up to two years.
Side effects are represented by allergies and vaginal infections.
Usually associated with spermicidal substances.
The failure is related to the movement during intercourse.

A.4 - Substances spermicide
There are synthetic sponges, gels, creams, glow plugs that are inserted into the vagina before sex.
They are often associated with other means.
Can provoke allergic reactions, and their activity in neutralization of spermatozoa is highly variable.

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