Tuesday, June 21, 2011

missing a birth control pill

One or two pills a combination of the first two weeks

missing a birth control pill

If you miss just one pill, take it as soon as you remember, take the next pill on time the same day. if you miss two pills in a row, you should take two pills that day and two the next day. then you can re-take a pill every day. if you missed one or two pills, you should use a backup method of contraception such as condoms, at least for the next seven days.

Two or more pills combination in the third week or three pills at any time

If you started taking the pill pack on a Sunday, keep taking a pill every day until Sunday, when they launch the old pack and starting a new package. if you started your pill pack on the first day of your period, immediately get rid of your old pack and starting a new pack that same day. in all circumstances you must use another method of contraception for at least seven days.

Any remaining pills

If you miss any of your medicines for the rest of placebo pills that make up the fourth week of pills in a package of 28 days, throw unused pills and take the remaining pills at the normal time. you do not have to use a backup method of contraception.

One or more of progestin-only pills

With progestin-only pills, the risk of pregnancy increases when you take the pill more than three hours late. you should take a pill as soon as you remember, then take the next pill at the regular time. you have to use another method of contraception for 48 hours after the first missed pill.

Emergency Contraception

You may want to use emergency contraception if you have sex before you realize that you forgot to take one or more pills. emergency contraception or morning-after pill is most effective if taken within five days after intercourse.

Side Effects

Some women experience bleeding or spotting if you miss a pill. when you have to take two pills a day to compensate for the lack of a pill, nausea is a common side effect.

Late Period

If you do not have your period and forgot to take any pills for that month, you should take a pregnancy test.

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