Monday, June 13, 2011

Poison Ivy Medication 2

poison ivy medication
Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac can be friends and infested, horrible rash for the unfortunates who are allergic to these plants. The urushiol oil is in this poisonous plant that causes the allergic reaction and the associated itching, burning, crying and tears in the skin. If you get a rash of dermatitis, this article will tell you how to get rid of the reaction, without having to wait 2-3 weeks for overcoming the skin naturally. Completely out of your rash dermatitis, the method described in this article only take a couple days to get rid of.

# If you do not stop before a skin rash, and fear one, and then learn to identify poison ivy. If it causes a rash that you have a lot of itching, pain and suffering, then treat it.

# The real trick completely wipe a rash of dermatitis is killing the urushiol - the oil that is the cause. It's pretty easy to do. White spirit kills urushiol. A natural cure is crushed leaves jewel-weed, but it can be difficult to pinpoint.

# The only prescription drugs that poison ivy urushiol gasoline is killing Tecnu contains. By eliminating the cause of the infection, Tecnu also prevents the spread of oil Urishiol to other body parts. Tecnu immediately and follow all instructions and warnings on the label.

# Tecnu soak in and around infected areas of skin for a few minutes.

# After these few minutes to have, make sure to thoroughly with soap and water, and all chemicals from the skin. Tecnu chemicals are not particularly good for the skin, but they are better that urushiol changes to your skin.

# Your pain should be immediately killed and quite a desire to itch disappears so quickly, but it will take several days for any sign of swelling, cracking, spalling and disappear.

# The hot water on the rash can help relieve itching and dry blisters faster. The rash spread not when it opens or if the liquid flows. They are just body fluids, urushiol.

# In the meantime, follow the advice on how to relieve symptoms.

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