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Home Remedy for Poison Ivy

Home Remedy for Poison Ivy
To spend time and before you know it a nasty rash, itching, red extends up and down the legs and arms. Summer is the season of poison ivy.

Symptoms of Poison Ivy
Symptoms of contact with poison ivy on the skin that are red or red inflamed pimples like bumps blisters, burning and / or itching in the area, and sometimes fever. Also, if the result seems to be extreme, do not use the following natural remedies instead, go to the emergency room.
If you've never had poison ivy, never understand the constant itching and burning creates persistent. Calamine lotion is the best commercial product for use in poison ivy, but a pink residue on the skin that can be transferred to your clothing, bedding and furniture. Here are some natural remedies for the rash and itching of poison ivy, which are equally effective.

If you've been in contact with poison ivy and knowledge, never washing in warm to hot. The plant propagates an oil and this oil in warm water spreads and spreads. If you wash in cold water to cool, does not spread. Never in a bathroom after the announcement of contact if you can spread the oil to areas that do not want the interpretation of poison ivy.
Knowing that poison ivy spreads oil is interesting to note that the kitchen knows that dissolve fat in general will help to solve this oil well. Just rub a little fat in the attack detergent and rinse with cold water. The aloe gel is very soothing to a poison ivy rash.

Combine equal parts of butter, vinegar and salt. Rub in the results. To avoid poison ivy, oak and sumac rash after contact

Treatment Options for poison ivy
The identification, prevention and treatment of poison ivy
Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread on the outcome. This works just as well as calamine lotion.
Avena relieve the symptoms of poison ivy. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a rash to stop infiltration.
Honey is a great healer. It will also stop the burning and itching rash.
A banana peel is known to relieve the pain of poison ivy. Interestingly, a natural remedy for poison ivy usually grows very close. There is little peach flowers orange when mature, it will explode when touched to open seeds for propagation. Cool and strain the liquid and bring to the affected area.
If the rash is on her hands and feet to apply the remedy and cover with cotton socks. If you're in the arms and legs may be long cotton socks (white) and cut the toe. We hope that you can avoid poison ivy this summer and not a rash at all, but if you do and is not serious, try some of these natural remedies.

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