Thursday, June 16, 2011

NTI Mouthguard

Q : I used the NTI mouth guard for a week. I have mild (compared to many here) the jaw symptoms, but symptoms of hearing bad and has been sick for 8 months. I noticed a marked improvement in the tension in the jaw or face, and my vertigo, but a slight deterioration of my tinnitus, ear fullness / and come back to experience very mild hearing loss "subjective" (I think that means that has no real hearing loss -. recordable hearing my tests were fine a few weeks ago) By the way, I am a 32 years old. I realize the age and sex can sometimes be useful when considering disease.
NTI Night Guard - NTI Mouthguard
Should I continue with NTI, or drop? Could it be to do things worse before making them better? I realize that many people say to ask your expert, but I have no faith in him part GT. I thought it might fit the NTI correct, but his knowledge of the relationship tmjd ear was sparse. I see him in a week but he is eager to know whether to continue with it now. I am in England, waiting for a dental appt for 2 weeks now, and use of NTI, when I was able to find a specialist, NTI was not too expensive, and I thought I might as well try in the meantime. I have limited financial resources, so I expect dental clinic, which is free and I hope they will make me a splint.

A : I'm not sure that your dentist has given a sheet with the NTI, but mine says: "Call your dentist immediately (in bold) if you experience anything unusual in the teeth, gums, tongue, mouth, or if their symptoms. "

I know it's no fun having to call your dentist every time, but I think for some of us is how to obtain the best results of NTI. I have seen my dentist several times when I started with NTI. I felt guilty about the number of times I was stuck in his schedule, but I was in pain and did not know what else to do. It has always been very helpful. I hope you can find the help you need.

I've always been bad, when I hear that you were NTIS Dentists no pages or share information that you need several visits to follow-up. I'm afraid that there are people who have helped, but it could be.

I hope you feel better soon.

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