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ms early symptoms

ms early symptomsWhen we were pregnant hormonal revolution occurs in the body which cause several signs that may indicate that we are in the state. Human chorionic gonadotropin, estrogen, progesterone, are some of the hormones that increase their levels during pregnancy and that are causing the symptoms discussed below.

These early pregnancy symptoms are not always indicators of the same, as even some symptoms such as pain in the womb or breast tenderness may be due to ovulation or pre-menstruation. The hormone progesterone affects the growth of mammary glands and estrogen in the development of milk ducts. Also, prolactin, placental lactogen, oxytocin and luteinizing hormone involved in the processes of formation of breast milk and all changes in size and breast disorders suffer from first symptoms of pregnancy until delivery.

These changes in the breasts in the early stages of pregnancy are more pronounced in women who usually experience changes in their breasts before menstruation.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

Pain in lower abdomen or some swelling.

In the beginning of pregnancy belly swelling is due to intestinal distension trapped air.

The pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin), estrogen and progesterone are responsible for morning sickness that causes the rejection of certain tastes and smells.

May cause considerable distress to women in these early stages of pregnancy (or at any other stage of gestation). Nausea intensity depends on the sensitivity of women to hormonal changes. Consider, for example, in the case of women for whom the first symptom of pregnancy is the anxiety against the smell of snuff or coffee. Research has show that women who experience morning sickness are less likely to abortion than others who do not. The relaxation of blood vessel walls could also relate to the next sign of pregnancy.

* Tiredness, apathy and sleep are due to the body begins to produce more blood and the pulse increases, so the body demands more rest. The biggest requirimientos sleep is beneficial for pregnancy, since the vast metabolic and hormonal changes are best suited to a body rest you need to recover the energy consumed.

* Some women start to notice more frequent urination for an increase of body fluids and later by changes in the womb as a symptom of pregnancy. While there is no scientific explanation for these cravings, metabolic and hormonal changes may determine that the pregnant woman's body demands some kind of vitamin or mineral containing these foods.

Pregnancy test

Finally, remember that other biological causes other than pregnancy can cause some or many of these symptoms.

A pregnancy test can be the first choice for sure. There are extreme cases of women coming to give birth without knowing they were pregnant.

Therefore, we must achieve the relevant pregnancy tests, go to the gynecologist to confirm the pregnancy and keep track of such business in the event that corroborates the story.

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